Even the brightest stars flicker, burn out, and die. Cittasera, once a powerful and prosperous city, is now a breeding ground for vagrants, thieves, and depravity. A maelstrom of corruption fills its streets and waterways with the lingering threat of a new kind of war. This is a city on the verge of burning out entirely: this is the city of night.

Flicker is an original fantasy RPG with themes of intrigue, darkness, romance, lawlessness, bravery, loyalty, and everything in between. Opened February 2011 and no word minimum.

29 January

Newsy-type stuff and things can be found here!

new characters

At the moment we would love lower class characters - and any rank of any faction. Please don't be afraid of making higher ranking characters!


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Thank you to everyone who was a part of Flicker. Shanks and I simply do not have the motivation to continue actively maintaining the site, however, we will still be keeping it around for personal RPing. Former members are welcome to do the same.
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